Finally Arriving:2016

a Rev. jeff obafemi carr film

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The Word on The Street...

“...a searing and tragic narrative look at

fraternity hazing...”

-Evans Donnell, ArtNowNashville

“...peels the covers back on an explosive and ugly issue currently resonating across the nation...”

-Ron Wynn, The Scene

“For the first time in my life, I got to actively live in the shoes of guys who were going through something they believed in. I’ve never witnessed anything so full of comprehensive, real people--I was relating to both the Big Brothers and the young men pledging. Greeks and Non-Greeks should see this film, together.”

-William Savant, Viewer, Nashville Film Festival

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An exceptional opportunity for honest dialogue among college students, several of whom may find themselves thrust into this secretive world.

The Reality-Drama that exposes the secret world of Underground Pledging, and the Hazing people endure in order to belong to something they deeply desire...